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    SBVG Rewards
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    SBVG Rewards
    SBVG Rewards is a responsive multi-purpose
    team dedicated towards growth of people from all over the world.
    we offer great variety of uses from
    blogs to personal or business portfolios.

Welcome to SBVG Rewards!

Welcome to the world of contributors.
Join hands with the amazing world of contributors who are ready to help you when you are in need.

www.sbvgrewards.com its not company ,its not pyramid , its not money rotation, money circulation or its not investment company , Any source of income is ALSO NOT HERE!

www.sbvgrewards.com provide only platform for those people "who willing to help to other peoples" only by self interest ,there are no rules at all!, there is no guarantees of repayment of their helping funds. www.sbvgrewards.com Website only collects data from people who need help at the moment and sends the data to people who are willing to provide this help.

There are no shares transactions, any relationship with the professional participants of the shares market, no shares or any product you do not get! Any source of income is ALSO NOT HERE! We do not give you any guarantees either, no promises. Neither explicitly nor implicitly. Do not create the mistaken belief that you can become rich quick here. (Conversely, you will lose everything!), you can still lose all your money and not get help in our community from other participants.

Know more about www.sbvgrewards.com


A new way of living is not only possible, it is happening now!

Successful and financially secure life was always longed for by humans irrespective of their nationality, social status and life style. Nowadays every person has possibilities to make provision for decent future. What should be done for this? First of all it’s necessary to understand that earning all the money in the world alone is impossible. To do this support of all the mankind is required. So how is it possible to make other people take care of you and provide you with financial support? It’s not difficult at all. What is needed is just to show concern for these people.

Moreover it has been successfully working for the welfare of society for years constantly developing and acquiring new shades. First structures of this type were organized within state. The brightest example of them is pension funds and trade unions that still continue functioning. However today we witness absolutely new stage changing the whole system.

www.sbvgrewards.com is a single Real Help concept the main goal of which is to unite people from all over the world for constant helping system. System members get possibility to advertise our system to other members and receive rewards from us in return. SBVG Rewards function all over the india and provides each member with the chance to experience financial independence and make provisions for future.

How does the system operate?
www.sbvgrewards.com is an independent automatic system which does not imply third party interference into monetary movement process taken place between system participants. www.sbvgrewards.com also works in the Internet thus providing 24/7 access to personal accounts.The only motive behind this system is to Help the people in our community. where people create a pool who spend there spare money to help themself without any guaranty or without any condition.

The system works as a mediator between benefactor and beneficiary and also as a supervisor monitoring compliance with rules set by the system to regulate relations between its members and between the system and its contributors. www.sbvgrewards.com is only collects the data of people from this communitywho needs the financial help at the right time and send the data to the people who are willing to provide this help.

Before becoming a Contributor of www.sbvgrewards.com one should get acquainted with the main functioning principles of the system:

To become a Contributor of the system it is required to learn "RULES" that contains information on system functioning rules, rights and responsibilities of www.sbvgrewards.com and its contributor.

www.sbvgrewards.com is a product selling pyramid, it sell products at competitive rates and DOESN’T guarantee that its members will earn income.

www.sbvgrewards.com doesn’t guarantee that a member will receive rewards from joining of other members.
www.sbvgrewards.com doesn’t guarantee that a member of the system will be able to fullfill all his dreams.

If a member is unable to draw new members to the system he/she will not be able to get rewards from other members because it can only be obtained as a result of purchase of products made by new participants who got registered on invitation with number and email of a certain member on it.

www.sbvgrewards.com is obliged: To ensure efficiency of www.sbvgrewards.com

To distribute rewards in compliance with the set rules; To transfer rewards to the contributor's address in time;

www.sbvgrewards.com is a user friendly Internet service that gives a system contributor the possibility to receive rewards from new registered contributor on his/her invitation as a result of time and energy input.

The result of work in the system as well as income of each member depends upon his/her abilities and approaches used to draw new members to www.sbvgrewards.com

Distribution of contributors help is carried out according to a single rule set in the system and described in the "Rules". Going through registration procedure an individual agrees to make help and agrees that help will be distributed in compliance with system rules.


Rewards Points – 1.10 RP , 12 RP & 130 RP.

Before activation user has to accumulate reward points from sponsor or any other know source in organization.

Then he / she can start promoting our organisation.

After that, he / she will start getting reward points, auto generated by organization software, for promoting our organisation.

For Taking Benefits Of Auto Pool Income, Under Reward Plan Of 1.10 RP, You Have To Give Atleast 1 Direct Customer In Every 30 Days. For Taking Benefits Of Auto Pool Income, Under Reward Plan Of 12 RP, You Have To Give Atleast 1 Direct Customer In Every 120 Days. For Taking Benefits Of Auto Pool Income, Under Reward Plan Of 130 RP, You Have To Give Atleast 1 Direct Customer In Every 360 Days.

Direct and Level income distribution is written as per level

    1-Under Reward Plan Of 1.10 RP, You Will Get 0.05 RP For Every Member Placed Under You By You Or Your Team. 2-Under Reward Plan Of 1.10 RP, You Will Get 0.05 RP For Every Member Placed Under You As Auto Joining By Our Organisation. 3-Under Reward Plan Of 12 RP, You Will Get 0.65 RP For Every Member Placed Under You By You Or Your Team. 4-Under Reward Plan Of 12 RP, You Will Get 0.65 RP For Every Member Placed Under You As Auto Joining By Our Organisation. 5-Under Reward Plan Of 130 RP, You Will Get 10 RP For Every Member Placed Under You By You Or Your Team. 6-Under Reward Plan Of 130 RP, You Will Get 10 RP For Every Member Placed Under You As Auto Joining By Our Organisation.

My idea got me rich

"SBVG Rewards gives you a chance to explore your idea excellence, we announce a reward program "My idea got me rich" in which you have to provide us idea to benefit the organization long live.

For ex. participant mr. "Abraham" is participating with a reward plan of "1.10 RP",and and share his excellence with mailing us an idea,If the organization likes and adopt his idea,he will get an activated ID of 1.10 RP,without paying a single penny !!"

Conditon applied * you have to mail us with the e mail ID registered with SBVG Rewards which you want to be free.* SBVG Rewards team is regular putting efforts to develop the organization and provide you an opportunity to prove yourself. We are with you now....................and ever.




Rules 1

All participants must know that SBVG Rewards is an organization based upon products purchased transactions where people help each other,it is not a company, not a bank or not a ponzy scheme so, help doesn’t expects any profit or benefit.

Rules 2

A participant has to sponsor new direct customers to qualify auto pool rewards, A Promoting Member only can take the benefits of Auto Pool Rewards.

Rules 3

Level or Direct Bonuses will be calculated only on fresh sale.

Rules 4

Time to complete transaction will be 48 hours only, otherwise user will get deleted / blocked.

Rules 5

The manager is responsible for his team transactions and deductions will be done from sponsor’s and manager’s wallet if any fraud transaction is caught.

Rules 6

Some percentage of commitment amount may be asked anytime and remaining amount may be asked later.

Rules 7

A participant can use one mobile no. or gmail id upto 10 times for his joining.

Rules 8

Payout will be released only on working days. Saturday,Sunday or any bank holiday will not be count for any transaction.

Rules 9

This is an organization,everyone joining it must be social and must behave well with each other to create an impression.

Rules 10

If fake reciept is attached by any sender will get his account blocked at the same time.

Rules 11

Rewards are to motivate the participants,they can be announced time to time.

Rules 12

For the betterment of system,need of participants,rules can be changed any time by the system as needed.

Rules 13

2nd withdrawal can be made only after first transaction is completed.

Rules 14

A manager can be invited at any time by the system for leadership development program.

Rules 15

Website software needs updation according to the increment of participants and changes in plan, kindly keep your team and yourself managed when website or accounts are on updation.

Rules 16

Always involve free money in donation system, do not donate your finance with a guarantee of getting help back.

Rules 17

Kindly inform the team about any of your issues related to transactions matter to the mail given in contacts,the will be sorted out by the team.

Rules 18

All the issues related payment or non payment matter will be sorted out by the system.

Rules 19

Use only active phone number while filling registration form.


1.What is the difference between the Principal Commitment (At The Time of registration) and the renewal-commitment.?

Principal Commitment is the automatic commitment by participant at the time of regestration. renewal-commitment is can only done after completing full cycle.

2.Why is my growth stopped even I am fulfilling all the auto-commitments regularly .?

Growth may be stopped due to the following reasons :-

  • If any given help is due for fulfilling.
  • If the affiliation task is not completed.

3.What is E-Currency ,how we can get and where we use it.?

E-Currency is a currency .You can only get this through system . You can get it from your introducer.For participat in system E-currency is must.

4.What is meant by the “Security Code” .?

Security code is a four digit numerical keyword that is automatically generated by the system for participant mobile verification.

5. What is Level Income .?

A income which is given by system to particpent for work for system .ratio is 5% for 1st level,4% for 2nd level,3% for 3rd level,2% for 4th level,1% for 5th level.

6.How i can get e-currency .?

After joining system particpent request to introducer for Get E-Currency.


"Congratulations !! We are into existence from today :) Happy to see you all reading us."

"Kindly update yourself everyday with reading news section.this will keep you free from calling any upline or informing downline,teach everyone to look forward to coming news."

"If any suggestions or queries are there to be asked to organization,kindly mail us at suggest@sbvgrewards.com,if we feel that the answer to you query can resolve many participant's issues.we will publish it in this news section"



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